New Gallery Stuns Again with Multi-Million Dollar, Culturally Significant Pieces.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Wei Art Collections is pleased to reveal its latest collection; a series of mixed-media artwork inspired by the logo of Tesla, the American electric vehicle, space science and clean energy company. The collection, presently available for viewing online at WeiArtCollections.art, premieres its first two works in this series – both of which exude a rare magnificence.

“We’ve taken one of the most well-known, future-forward brands in the world and used it to create artwork that commands attention,” said Jean Marquette of Wei Art Collections. “Each piece of the collection is unique and will not be replicated. It is work for serious collectors that understand and appreciate their immense power and value.”

There are currently two volumes of the Tesla collection already completed. The untitled Volume 1 work consists of black, striking mixed-media pieces that at one and the same time will both dominate and complement its place of display with an indescribable presence. Each piece is 4’x8′ and weighs 145 pounds.

Volume 2, entitled ‘Mars’, brings a bold, yet subtle splash of color to the collection. Dynamic and contemporary, this white, black, and red work is 4’x 8′ and weighs approximately 135 pounds.

“The Tesla series offers discerning collectors, and corporate and technology leaders, the opportunity to obtain these one-of-a-kind works,” said Marquette. “With its limited numbers and breathtaking appeal, we don’t expect the pieces will be available for long. The presence of one of these works in a home, office or elsewhere clearly will declare its owner’s taste and eye for brilliance.”

“Tesla’s work is important to the future of our climate and the world,” said Marquette. “Their success can be the world’s success – and our artists have taken great pains to create pieces that honor Tesla’s efforts through creating worthy works of art.”

The Tesla-series follows up on Wei’s recent cryptocurrency series, a brilliant collection of pieces portraying Bitcoin and Ethereum in a manner never seen or even imagined. This new Tesla work is equally as stunning.

All of the new Tesla work can be seen on Wei’s website at https://weiartcollections.art/featured/ .

About Wei Art Collections

With offices in Dubai and New York, Wei Art Collections is amongst the premier contemporary, abstract art designers and producers in the world. Our artists are well-respected emerging talent from Asia, Europe, the United States, and throughout the world coming together to provide collectors, together with corporate and technology leaders, the opportunity to obtain choice selected one-of-a-kind works. Owning an exclusive work from WEI Art Collections, known for its precious contemporary works, will serve as an investment that will go down in history and almost certainly appreciate over time.

For more information please visit https:/weiartcollections.art/


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