On November 5th, ChainUP, the world’s leading blockchain technology service provider, combined with advanced technology, optimized the market position of its white-label exchange system. Everyone knows that the price difference has always been a major factor that influences professional traders to choose exchanges, which means lower cost and smoother trading experience. After optimizing it, the position spread of BTC, ETH and other mainstream currencies has reached the highest level in the industry, attracting many professional quantitative trading teams and senior investors, and better enhancing the core competitiveness of their exchanges for the majority of ChainUP loyal users, which fully meets the expected goal of ChainUP.

In the optimization of market position, in addition to the optimization of the core price difference, ChainUP has upgraded the transaction depth and the sense of interface experience again, combining the local layout of global customers, and the UI interface adapts to professional investors and amateurs, so that traders can enjoy the extremely smooth trading experience.

Founded in 2017, ChainUP is headquartered in Singapore. It is a leading global blockchain technology solution provider. Its main business is to provide customers with encryption exchange software and blockchain wallet services, serving more than 500 customers worldwide.

ChainUP white label exchange system has attracted the attention of a large number of exchange investors around the world because of its ultra-high security, millisecond response speed, extreme trading experience, simple start-up and low cost. ChainUP allows partners to enter the market with their own brands instead of third-party brands, and has more rights of their own. In terms of technological innovation and functional innovation, ChainUP has achieved many leading and pioneering development achievements in the industry. For example, in terms of visual design, ChainUP White Label Exchange system creates an international WEB interface template, which is suitable for users’ habits in most countries and comprehensively solves the old problem of poor system operation. In terms of liquidity, ChainUP aggregates the top liquidity and depth of global digital asset exchanges, providing traders with the ultimate trading experience.

ChainUP white label exchange system also provides more diversified options. At present, it has supported the global automatic launch of 2000+ currency. In addition, the new currency can be launched by itself, without ChainUP review. Automated operation mode can improve transaction efficiency and help investors create more wealth gains. ChainUP also supports a variety of composite market-making strategies, custom market-making strategies and original market-making algorithms without reference plate, giving investors professional reference opinions, providing guarantee for investors’ transactions, and gaining insight into opportunities one step ahead. In addition, the ChainUP white label exchange system can transfer the white label trading system to a privatized trading system without users’ awareness. The seamless switching of dual systems and flexible deployment methods give investors a broader operating space.

In addition to investing a great deal of time and material resources in innovative functions, ChainUP white label exchange system pays great attention to “security issues”. Through the establishment of scientific security risk control system, database encryption, multi-signature cold wallet and encrypted hot wallet, ChainUP effectively protects the core rights and interests of thousands of investors. In the concept of ChainUP white label exchange system, security is an important foundation for exchange survival. Without the most basic security, the exchange will not be able to maintain sufficient competitiveness in the trading market. Therefore, the ChainUP White Label Exchange system has designed a complete set of safety risk control system from the actual situation, striving to achieve safety in all aspects and effectively putting an end to any hidden problems. In addition, the technical back-up service of ChainUP 7*24H can ensure that emergency problems can be responded to and solved in time. The server of ChainUP white label exchange system is distributed and layered, which can defend against DDOS attacks and more than 600G bandwidth against DDOS. Moreover, the server has been tested by many top security teams and issued a security test report, which is almost impeccable in terms of security.

In addition, in terms of database security, ChainUP White Label Exchange system is equipped with multiple encryption, which is used in conjunction with connection pool decryption. In addition, the core data is verified by multiple signatures and stored in an independent mode, so as to prevent data tampering and protect the security of users’ assets.

In order to keep the safe operation at all times, ChainUP White Label Exchange system implements the measures of separating the hot wallet from the cold wallet, encrypting the hot wallet, and freely configuring the storage amount of virtual coins to ensure the daily normal operation, most tokens are transferred to the cold wallet, offline management, encryption of the hard disk of the cold wallet, and multiple password protection. When managing the wallet of the exchange for large-scale transfer, it is necessary to sign by multiple parties to ensure the security of funds.

In the future, ChainUP will launch more advanced services, constantly improve its own technology, provide one-stop white label solution services for more start-ups, and technically help more exchange entrants to take the leading position in the industry.

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