When A 'Show Of Strength' Becomes A Sign Of Weakness

When A 'Show Of Strength' Becomes A Sign Of Weakness

Prime Minister Mahiaddin has been putting a bit of stick about, over recent days especially, and it reminds of nothing more than the dying days of the BN government as former PM6 (Najib Razak) sought to intimidate voters into keeping him in office.

Even Sarawak Report has learnt there are efforts underway to charge the editor over complaints that were signed off by the police in 2018 for ‘No Further Action’.

Much more troublingly, the Prime Minister has not hesitated to set the police onto leading  representatives of the people, namely a majority of the country’s muzzled MPs (including his own former party leaders whom he deserted and betrayed), who attempted to walk to their place of work last week after he had nervously once again balked facing a vote on his record in office.

This was in contradiction to his commitment to the Agong and the Rulers who had ordered him to hold that vote. In an unprecedented move the Agong publicly accused ‘Moo’ of lying, an accusation he appeared to repeat again this week as he spoke on the lessons against dishonesty provided by the Prophet Mohammed.

Under plain instructions that can only have been politically motivated 110 elected MPs have now been dragged into the police station to be quizzed by common constables about alleged potential violations of social distancing orders as they sought to represent the people (and exercise their solemn duties of scrutiny and holding the executive to account) during this period of pandemic.

At the same time the nation has watched Mahiaddin’s cronies travelling to-and-fro from his alternative seat of government i.e. his house, where they have met (mask-less according to photos circulating on social media) to do what they like, inside.

SOP = Some Over People?

Naturally, there has been no basis to charge the MPs. So, where does this sick PM take things next? A genuine terrorist take-over needs real big guns at this point. Will the army turn against the people and lock up their chosen leaders?  Will the Rulers support that move? If not, what next?

It seems that such institutions have remembered their duties and would rather play a longer game in favour of stability and popularity. In which case, Mahiaddin’s police and MACC sticks have had to flay out against youth leaders (who may have violated the Some Over People (SOP) rules in order to protest at favouritism, cronyism and corruption) and people who have spoken out on social media against political gaffes by … cronies.

A well-known, gaffing crony has made a disgraceful joke, effectively mocking the plight of unvaccinated old people/poor people who fear the danger of ending up in refrigerated lorries provided for Covid victims. After families made their displeasure known, the crony, to his credit has apologised.

Yet Mahiaddin has now seen fit to move his compliant police action squad onto harassing those who criticised the crass, insensitive and gross remarks online. The deduction has to be that this is because the Mahiaddin government takes ownership of the remarks now apologised for by the crony himself.

Or is it that a confused and desperate PM, due to meet the Head of State at 10am tomorrow morning, is lashing out at anyone he can?

In which case, this is a show of extreme weakness not strength.