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In addition to its Twitter alternative, currently known by its codename of Project 92, Meta also announced that it is adding a feature related to generative AI to its Messenger app. This will come in the form of AI-generated stickers, according to The Verge.

The report cites Ahmad Al-Dahle, Meta’s vice president of AI, as saying that the company will let users create stickers based on text prompts.This will give users “infinitely more options for self-expression, cultural representation, and even trend relevance”. He also notes that “stickers are just the tip of the iceberg”, suggesting more generative AI features to come. Company employees will be the first to try out these generated stickers before the public. Probably for the better, considering AI image generation can go either way.

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Source: Meta.

Beyond AI-generated stickers, Meta is also working on AI models that will let users “transform any image you want in any way you want”. Or more specifically, as per the examples provided, change the aspect ratio of a picture, or turn it “into a painting”. Which all sounds very image-focused, but the AI personas that were mentioned previously was not brought up. While it’s unlikely that they have been scrapped altogether considering the current AI trends, it’s likely on the opposite end of the metaphorical iceberg.

But going back to the idea of AI-generated stickers for Messenger, the report does not mention a timeline as to when employees will start internal testing. Naturally, no word on a general release for consumers either. It also remains to be seen if this will translate to the other messaging app under the Meta umbrella, WhatsApp. That would likely be a platform that would see more use, but at the same time, the company would probably want something that it keeps exclusive to Messenger, as to give it a unique, distinguishing feature.

(Source: The Verge)

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