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If you’ve been following the texting app, you’ll know that WhatsApp is constantly testing out new features, and sometimes rolling them out to beta testers before they get released to the general public. A new one that’s getting added to the latter list may be a surprising one, in that you’d think it’s a feature that has already been available for a long time. And it’s simply the ability to add and edit contacts from within the app itself.

On the surface, this feels like an inconsequential feature to have. As it is right now, when you decide you want to edit a contact’s info from within WhatsApp, it simply redirects you to your phone’s built in phone book equivalent app. Which doesn’t take too long if you’re using a new, flagship-class device. Indeed, according to WABetaInfo which reported on this feature, all this will do is save a second or two of time. It may also save your device some processing power in the process, no pun intended.

WhatsApp contact add
Source: WABetaInfo.

But for older and more budget-oriented devices, this can make a much more significant difference. If you’ve experienced it firsthand before, you’ll know that sometimes switching between apps can be a rough process for such phones. This feature means you don’t have to go through any of that. All these benefits will be even more pronounced if you’re in a line of work that has you meeting new people every so often.

Going back to the feature itself, WABetaInfo reports that additions and changes done via WhatsApp will be saved to your device’s contact list or Google account automatically. For now, this will be available to those using,,, and versions of WhatsApp beta on Android. No details on an iOS equivalent rollout yet, and more importantly, no word on a general release either.

(Source: WABetaInfo)

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