unifi 2gbps and 1gbps plan

First teased to the public last month, the pricing for the new Unifi 2Gbps plan has appeared on Unifi’s website. At the same time, the existence of the Unifi 1Gbps plan is now confirmed just like what we have predicted before.

Let’s start with pricing. According to its website, the new Unifi 2Gbps plan can be obtained for RM459 per month while the 1Gbps plan goes for RM409 per month.

unifi 2gbps and 1gbps plan
[Image: Unifi.]

That being said, TM is currently offering them at a slightly lower price of RM399 and RM349, respectively. In terms of upload speed, it is listed as half of the download speed which means that the 2Gbps plan has a 1Gbps upload speed while the 1Gbps plan’s upload speed is capped at 500Mbps.

As per usual, both of these plans have a 24-month contract attached to them. Based on what we have seen on the website, neither of them was made available as standalone offerings.

unifi home
The full Unifi plan price list as it appeared on the Unifi website this morning. [Image: Unifi.]

Instead, you can only sign up for them if you agree to have Unifi TV together with these plans. Since they are pretty much the most premium offerings that Unifi has at the moment, it is just natural that TM has provided them with Unifi TV Ultimate Pack and Unifi Plus Box.

However, both plans have since disappeared from the website though although we managed to screen-capture them before that happened. So, it seems quite likely that the 1Gbps and 2Gbps were not supposed to be up on the website just yet.

unifi 2gbps
[Image: Unifi.]

We also noticed that the 1Gbps pricing is identical to the existing 800Mbps plan which seemed rather odd. This made us wonder if Unifi is planning to reduce the pricing for the existing Unifi packages, especially given the fact that Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil has previously said that the Internet price in Malaysia will be much lower within the next two to three months due to the changes within the Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP).

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