touch n go tng ewallet parking qr code

Touch n’ Go (TnG) has unveiled a new feature for its mobile eWallet that aims to make paying for your parking more seamless. With the new tool, you can just scan the QR code in your eWallet to enter and exit a parking lot without needing a physical ticket.

This lets you skip queuing at autopay kiosks and provides you with a more convenient cashless experience, offering an alternative to using your physical TnG card. Just like the latter, there aren’t any surcharges to use the QR code method to pay for parking.

touch n go tng ewallet parking qr code
Image: TnG/Facebook

According to the company, you only need to tap on the “Pay” function when you launch the eWallet app to have it scanned at entry and exit points of supported parking lots. Don’t worry if you can’t get a mobile connection in underground locations and such as the eWallet doesn’t require an internet connection to generate the QR code.

Moreover, if your phone dies before you’ve exited, you can approach the mall’s carpark management and give them the phone number associated with your TnG eWallet’s account. They will then issue you a parking ticket so you can make a manual payment.

touch n go tng ewallet

The company also says that you don’t need to maintain a minimum balance in order to use the feature but, of course, you won’t be able to exit if your balance is insufficient. As of writing, TnG’s FAQ states that QR code scanning for parking is already enabled at 70 sites, including a few malls, hotels, and LRT stations.

On a related note, TnG launched a new authentication method for its eWallet last week to increase the platform’s security, dubbed TapSecure. The feature is device-based and is meant to replace SMS-based One Time Passwords (OTP). It will bind users to just a single primary device for authentication purposes.

(Source: TnG/Facebook)

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