Sunway Malls ParkIt - Feb 2023

Season parking passes for selected shopping centres under the Sunway Malls umbrella are now readily available through the ParkIt app. These season passes were not being provided on an ad hoc-basis but instead, they are made possible through official collaboration between Sunway Malls and the app’s creator, ParkIt Solutions.

In case this is the first you have heard of ParkIt which has been around since 2016, it is essentially a platform for the public, companies, and car park operators to generate passive income from underutilized parking spaces. Through the same platform, the public can also use to find seasonal parking spaces that may suit their needs and ParkIt claimed that they currently have more than 2,000 parking spots throughout Klang Valley.

ParkIt - Feb 2023

As for the new collaboration with Sunway Malls, ParkIt currently covers all of the company’s establishments throughout Klang Valley. The list includes the highly popular Sunway Pyramid as well Sunway Giza Mall Kota Damansara, Sunway Putra Mall KL, and Sunway Velocity Cheras.

According to our quick check through the app just before we publish this story, the season pass in Sunway Pyramid is surprisingly the cheapest in the list at RM140 per month although it can be used only during weekdays. Next on the list is Sunway Giza at RM220 while for Sunway Velocity, the pass costs RM297.

Sunway Malls ParkIt - Feb 2023

Sunway Putra has the most expensive season pass fee among the lot at RM330 per month. Just like Sunway Pyramid, the season parking spots are meant for usage only during weekdays and we also noticed there was a very limited number of passes available at all four locations.

The ParkIt app can be obtained for Android devices via Google Play while Apple users can download it through the App Store. The platform can also be accessed through a web browser but based on experience today, it seemed that the mobile app felt more agile and responsive.

Sunway Smart Parking’s ANPR system, as captured back in 2019.

When it comes to parking, it seemed that Sunway Group is quite in favour of digitalization. Prior to the ParkIt collaboration, the conglomerate has been dabbling with Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for its Smart Parking system since 2018 which is currently being used is Sunway Pyramid Mall & Hotel, Sunway Resort Hotel, and Sunway Pinnacle.

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