A MAN in Tamil Nadu was imprisoned and tortured for 40 days after he got into trouble with a gang that had hired him to smuggle a kilogramme of gold from Dubai, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Identified as Chellappan, the man was working in the Gulf country as a painter.

Recently, while waiting at the airport to return to India, he was approached by a man who asked Chellappan, 28, to carry the gold into India and hand it over to a man in Gujarat for a commission of 100,000 rupees.

Chellappan, who kept the gold hidden in his rectum, began experiencing pain during a layover in Kerala where he allegedly handed it to a man named Anish Kumar.

Once he reached Chennai, he was confronted by a seven-man gang demanding the gold.

He brought the men to Kerala to look for Anish Kumar, but there was no sign of the latter.

Chellappan was then kept in a hotel in Chennai for 40 days where he was beaten and tortured by the gang demanding to know the whereabouts of the gold.

Eventually, Chellappan was dumped at a hospital.

Police have arrested one man suspected to be part of the gang and are on the look out for the others.

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