Uniqlo PlayStation

Japanese apparel brand Uniqlo frequently does collaborations with other pop-culture icons, featuring character prints on their T-shirts. This time, it’s the turn of console gaming titan PlayStation, with four designs being made available featuring the iconic consoles, controllers and their face buttons.

Of the four Uniqlo PlayStation T-shirts, the first design is, depending on the way you look at it, probably the messiest. That being said, it also shows a near-complete history of PlayStation consoles, from the very first all the way down to the most recent PS5, including the handhelds that came in between. This is all at the back of the black-coloured T-shirt, with the front sporting a simple PlayStation branding, also in black.

Uniqlo PlayStation designs

The second design is pretty similar, showing only the PS2 slim at the back. In front, this Uniqlo T-shirt showcases the four symbols that make up the PlayStation controller face buttons.

Uniqlo PlayStation designs

Speaking of controller, the third Uniqlo T-shirt design showcases the five generations of PlayStation controllers. At the very bottom is the original without the analogue sticks, followed by the generations of DualShock controllers before finally getting to the DualSense at the very top. In front, on the left breast you’ll see the PlayStation logo. The T-shirt itself comes in blue.

The last of these four Uniqlo T-shirts is the only one without any print on the back. Instead, you get the original PlayStation in front of the white base, with a controller connected.

Uniqlo PlayStation price

All four of these T-shirt designs are priced at RM59.90, as is pretty common for these collaboration runs. That being said, availability can be a bit of an issue. Many of the larger sizes are not available, except for the one in white, which seems to have all sizes ranging from XS to 3XL still available on the Uniqlo online store, at least at the time of writing.

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