TAIWANESE singer Selina Jen (pic) broke down in tears as she recounted the injuries that she suffered after a fire 12 years ago.

She is, however, grateful that her new boyfriend sees past her scars, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Her boyfriend told her that her scars were akin to the scales on a mermaid, said Jen, 40.

“He said I was like a mermaid who has grown legs. When I heard that, I immediately cried.

“The scars on my legs were caused by grafting and looked squarish. That’s because they were sewn on using the skin from my scalp. The way he described it was so beautiful that I began to like my legs again,” she weeped.

Back in 2010, Jen suffered third-degree burns on more than half her body while filming the Chinese TV series I Have A Date With Spring in Shanghai.

It led to her having to undergo a skin-grafting procedure.

Jen, a divorcee, was recently photographed with an unidentified man in China.

Subsequently, she confirmed that she was dating a man who was seven years her junior.

The man, whose surname is Xu, had apparently received the approval of Jen’s father despite their age gap.

Jen rose to prominence in 2001 with the all-girl band S.H.E., whose other members are Ella Chen and Hebe Tien.

She married a lawyer in 2011 but they divorced in 2016.

> The daily also reported that despite having taken a hiatus from work after his divorce, Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom appeared in a short clip promoting a mobile game, which drew criticism.

Internet users discovered Wang in a Facebook advertisement for the role-playing game Bu Xiu Zhan Ji (Immortal War).

The 45-year-old singer appeared in the video – in armour – as he “battled” a monster.

Internet users slammed Wang for reneging on his promise to take a break from show business following his failed marriage.

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