ppas selangor public library sepintas laptop loan

The Selangor Public Library Corporation (PPAS) has announced a major new update to its Selangor Basic Technology Loan Scheme (Sepintas). The maximum duration that an individual can borrow a device under the scheme has been significantly extended from three months to six months.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Sepintas is a programme by the Selangor Public Library to loan out free laptops and desktop computers to low-income Selangor residents. It was introduced last August by the state government and just a couple of months ago, PPAS announced that it would be expanding it to 30 other libraries in the state, bringing the total number of public libraries involved to 50.

While the loan duration was initially set to just 60 days, it was then extended to 90 days back in January before it was doubled to 180 days last week. While any Malaysian residing in Selangor can apply for a loan, PPAS will prioritise students as well as those who come from households with a per capita income of less than RM3,000 to RM5,000 per month.

The reason for the priority is that the number of devices available under the scheme is quite limited. Each library only has 10 laptops and 10 desktop computers to loan out, with a limit of only one loaner device per individual or household at any given time.

ppas selangor public library sepintas laptop loan
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If a borrower is late at returning their loaned device, they will be fined a penalty of RM5 per day. In the unfortunate circumstance where a loaner unit is lost or damaged, the borrower must file a police report and will be charged a penalty of RM800 for laptops or RM1,000 for desktops.

Of course, the Sepintas loan is non-transferable and borrowers must inform PPAS if they change their address or phone number. Those who are interested in getting a computer loan can fill up the form and find the list of participating libraries here.

(Source: PPAS/Twitter)

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