KUALA LUMPUR: What goes best with a great cup of coffee from one of the world’s largest and most successful coffee chains? It could very well be Malaysia’s first premium Bahasa Malaysia weekender.

Featuring a broad spectrum of lifestyle pieces and modern cultural commentary, Majoriti 7 is available every Thursday, and Starbucks customers will be handed a copy when they get their cup of coffee at selected outlets in the Klang Valley.

The partnership was commemorated with a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing between Berjaya Food Group chief executive officer, Starbucks Malaysia managing director Datuk Sydney Quays, and Star Media Group chief executive officer Alex Yeow at Starbucks Kiara Bay DT yesterday.

Exciting collaboration: Yeow, Quays and Sufian together with the Starbucks Malaysia, UEM Sunrise and Majoriti 7 teams on a tour of the Kiara Bay sales gallery after the MOU signing.Exciting collaboration: Yeow, Quays and Sufian together with the Starbucks Malaysia, UEM Sunrise and Majoriti 7 teams on a tour of the Kiara Bay sales gallery after the MOU signing.

Yeow said Starbucks is the right partner to collaborate with when incorporating a product that integrates into the lifestyle of the community.

“Starbucks is a spot-on choice for us,” he said, adding that there was an overwhelming response from Starbucks customers after the launch of Majoriti 7.

“Customers were happy to be seen carrying and reading their copy of Majoriti 7 while having their coffee fix.

“It’s also the perfect timing when we hand the paper to customers in Starbucks, as they can sit and spend time in a relaxed and nice environment while sipping their coffee to read a physical paper which has been packaged in an upmarket presentation,” he said.

He said that various brands have also shown enthusiasm to associate their brand with the partnership, with front-page advertisements being fully booked until the end of January 2023.

He said he hoped to expand the partnership to a greater level in reaching customers on the digital platform.

Quays said the partnership is aimed at enhancing customer experience, by returning to the trend of reading physical papers to catch up on the latest current affairs while customers enjoy their favourite Starbucks beverage.

“Currently, we have about 70 stores that are distributing the magazine brand, which have received great response.

“As such, we are pleased to offer our customers that next level of convenience with the availability of Majoriti 7 at our stores.

“With this collaboration, we are now able to bring out the best of the Third Place that is Starbucks,” said Quays.

Majoriti 7 editor Suzie Adnan said the weekender is the voice of the new progressive and modern Malay society.

“Majoriti 7 is weekly and in Bahasa Malaysia. I think for Star Media Group to come up with this sort of paper, it is very bold and playful because it has been decades where we’ve seen only a few key Bahasa Malaysia newspapers in the market.

“And suddenly, Majoriti 7 is now available and catering to the affluent set of Malay society.

“We’re hoping that Majoriti 7 will kick start a brand-new wave of publishing in Malaysia,” she said.

Majoriti 7 product lead Chung Eng Lee said that Majoriti 7 offers premium brands a new platform that connects them directly with their intended audience.

She said the inaugural edition had already attracted a number of brand marketers who valued the unique positioning and urban Malay audience segmentation offered by the weekly publication.

UEM Sunrise Bhd chief executive officer Sufian Abdullah, who was present to show support for the newly-minted partnership at UEM Sunrise’s award-winning township of Kiara Bay, said he was happy to be part of the momentous launch.

“The demographic of the target market for Majoriti 7 is mostly Malay readership, which has helped expand our outreach and inclusiveness to the Malay community for Kiara Bay as well.

“Congratulations to Star Media Group on this exciting initiative in reaching out to the discerning affluent audience and various partnerships with reputable brands in Malaysia,” he said.

With a tagline of “Adrenaline Metropolitan”, Majoriti 7 holds a distinct vision of redefining storytelling that reflects the city’s heart and soul, serving purposeful and progressive content that prompts conversation and piques interest.

Majoriti 7 is also available at De.Wan 1958 restaurants for their customers, while members of the public can purchase a copy of Majoriti 7 available only at selected 7-Eleven outlets and PETRONAS Mesra in the Klang Valley for RM8 per copy.