Nothing Ear (2) teaser

Following the initial cryptic beetle tweet from last week, Nothing has put out another tweet for its Ear (2). Things are spelled out much more clearly this time too, with the name of the company’s upcoming wireless earbuds spelled out. There’s also a date and time provided, which will probably be when the company intends to take the veil off the product.

In continuing with the beetle theme, Nothing has included an image in the tweet depicting a rhinoceros beetle, perhaps specifically an Atlas beetle, with what can be assumed to be the case of the Ear (2). Said case is mostly not in the shot, so not much can be gleamed from this apart from its transparent nature.

From what little that can be seen of it though, the case of the Nothing Ear (2) looks to be consistent with what the leaks portray it to be. Clear case aside, there’s also a hint of one earbud that’s barely visible at the edge of the image.

Heading to the website, we find that Nothing says that the Ear (2) will provide better sound and better clarity, which is unsurprising. The company calls it “A mighty refinement” that’s “Just better” than its predecessors, which is a pretty bold claim. After all, the first generation TWS earbuds made its name for its very impressive price to performance ratio, at least during its initial release. It later saw a pretty significant price hike, which fortunately did not affect us as much as it did the international market (the Ear (1) is priced at RM599 at the time of writing).

Nothing ear (1) review pricing price

Either way, the Nothing Ear (2) is now set to be unveiled on 22 March 2023, at 11PM after taking timezones into account. You can catch it live if you choose to do so by hitting the second link below.

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