Nothing speaker leak design

As previously reported, Nothing has begun teasing a new device coming next month. Apart from vague short clips, imagery of a Moellenkampi beetle and a slogan that reads “something mighty is on the horizon”, the company has revealed practically, well, nothing about the product. Most predict that it will be a first look of the Ear (2) earbuds or the Snapdragon 8 series-equipped Phone (2). However, a recent leak believes what’s about to come may be the brand’s first ever speaker (shown above).

Based on the image shared by 91Mobiles, Nothing’s allegedly upcoming product sports a rather unusual design. At a glance, it does look as if a bunch of devices are stacked on top of each other. However odd this may seem, this could actually be its intended look, given the company’s unconventional approaches to design.

Seen on top is a bar-shaped dual speaker component which comes with what is suggested to be a dome-shaped display that’s situated on the left side, while visible on either side are numerous buttons and dials, presumably controls for playback, volume, and so on. Below this unit are what appears to be asymmetrical woofers housed in a larger box. 

And if this arrangement isn’t weird enough for you already, both components (coloured in white, by the way) look to be encased in a transparent shell with what appears to be a handle on top. It is uncertain whether the device in its entirety is thick or thin, as the leak only provided a view of its front profile.

Nevertheless, the allegedly upcoming speaker will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows, and very likely trigger anyone with OCD with its unique design. But of course, remember that this is still a leak, which means that it could be inaccurate in the end. We’ll only find out if this is the case later in another eight hours when Nothing finally unveils its latest product.

(Source: 91Mobiles)

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