A VIDEO of a lorry driver throwing a package filled with urine while driving has gone viral, reported Kosmo!.

According to Muhammad Saifulzaman Sabirin, who shared the incident on Facebook, he was driving on the East Coast Expressway and was about to overtake the lorry when he saw an object which appeared to be a package filled with liquid, being flung out of the lorry.

The package hit Saifulzaman’s windscreen, splattering liquid all over.

“We stopped at a rest and service area, where we confirmed that the liquid was urine,” he said in his post on March 22.

FB users expressed their sympathy and criticised the lorry driver as his reckless action could have caused an accident.

> After being a voice actress on Upin & Ipin for 13 years, Asyiela Putri Azhar, 22, is still not bored, saying the animation series by Les’ Copaque has become a part of her, reported Harian Metro.

Asyiela said she had not expected her voice to become the “soul” of the popular animated characters.

“It is a challenging job, but at the same time, I must always sharpen my skill. I value this task very much. Support from fans, especially those from Indonesia, has motivated me a lot,” she added.

According to Asyiela, she had a hard time at the beginning of her career as she did not expect fans of the cartoon to know or care about the person behind the voices.

“There were some who disliked me. I may not have been able to control my emotions to face negative comments when I was younger, but I’ve gotten better at it now,” she said.

The student majoring in Multimedia Creative Foundations at Multimedia University added that a voice actor’s emotion is important for people to understand the plot, and this is one of its challenges.

“I often do research on other animations. I also watch other cartoons to refine my skills,” she said.

> Teachers are stressed as the school administration requires them to be proficient in digital technology and prepare reports online, Kosmo! reported.

One teacher, known as Hani, 49, said most of the teachers in his school were aged between 40 and 50, and they were not skilled in using computers and gadgets.

“Our situation became worse during the home-based teaching and learning period because we were not used to it,” he said.

According to him, teachers were also required to fill in a book of teaching plans online, but most could not.

“We had to ask for help from new teachers or clerks.

“However, there were some senior teachers who refused to pick up new methods, and this situation made them want to opt for early retirement,” Hani added.