Now that NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4070 has been out and about for a little more than a week, it also means that we’ve given the majority of AIB partners that are active in Malaysia some leeway to actually put out their versions of Team Green’s new mid-range GPU, complete with all their 3rd party custom cooling solutions. As is the norm, the size of the cards varies from model to model, and in almost all circumstances, it can be argued that they tend to sport heatsinks and cooling solutions that are way more than necessary.

Nevertheless, here’s a list of all the custom RTX 4070 graphics cards that are currently available in Malaysia.


As usual, ASUS is rolling out its two lines of the RTX 4070: ROG Strix and TUF Gaming. In addition to the two SKUs, the brand is also launching the card under its Dual sub-brand as well, which as you can already tell based on its name, is a card that uses a two-fan configuration, instead of the typical triple-fan layout for the other two. Below are the models.

Dual White OC Edition – RM3099

Dual White non-OC Edition – RM3099

Dual OC Edition – RM3099

Dual non-OC Edition – RM3099

TUF Gaming OC Edition – RM3499

TUF Gaming non-OC Edition – RM3399

ROG Strix Edition – TBA


(Image source: Gigabyte.)

Gigabyte clearly hasn’t strayed from its typical application of oversized cooling either and to that end, virtually all offering of custom-cooled RTX 4070 cards here are triple-fan cooled. Here are all models available from the brand.

AORUS Master – RM3549

Aero OC Edition – RM3439

Gaming OC Edition – RM3349

Eagle OC Edition – RM3229

Windforce OC Edition – RM3039


(Image source: MSI.)

For MSI, the brand is offering six different SKUs, divided into three different lineups: Gaming X Trio, Ventus 3X, and Ventus 2X.

Gaming X Trio – RM3499

Ventus 3X OC Edition – RM3099

Ventus 3X non-OC Edition – RM3049

Ventus 2X OC Edition – RM2999


Palit is a brand that we’ve not reviewed in the while but it is still churning out custom graphics cards, primarily from NVIDIA, and the RTX 4070 is no exception. To that end, the company is releasing two cards, a dual-fan model aptly called Dual, and a triple-fan custom model called GamingPro.

Dual Edition – RM2949

GamingPro Edition – RM3349


On paper, SunCycle, Zotac’s official distributor in Malaysia, lists three different RTX 4070 models – Trinity, AMP AIRO, and Twin Edge OC, but to date, it is only the latter dual-fan model that has a price tag on it. The other two triple-fan models have yet to receive their respective SRPs.

Trinity – TBA

AMP Airo – TBA

Twin Edge OC – RM2999

It goes without saying that regardless of the custom cooling solution of the cards, the base configuration of the RTX 4070 remains the same across the board. As a quick recap, it has 12GB GDDR6X graphics memory, 5888 CUDA Cores, along with the same 4th generation Tensor cores and 3rd generation RT Cores. More importantly, because it is based on the Ada Lovelace architecture, all the cards listed here will also be able to take full advantage of the latest gaming features, such as DLSS 3.

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