A SHAOBING (Chinese sesame flatbread) shop in China which offers a monthly salary of up to 12,000 yuan (RM7,670) has caused a stir on social media, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Its job vacancy ads have become a hot topic among netizens, with many keen to apply for a job there.

Its hiring preference includes those aged below 35 with a bachelor’s degree.

The shop in Weishier Road, Jinan, capital of east Shandong province, has been in business for 29 years. It sells 4,000 sets of shaobing daily.

Its operator Wang Guiqing, 73, said those with high academic qualifications are better in terms of learning ability and creativity.

“They are innovative and pick up things fast. It’s worth offering them such a high salary,” he was quoted as saying.

Wang said the salary being paid to his workers currently is even higher than what was advertised.

“The daily wage is between 400 yuan (RM255) and 600 yuan (RM383) based on a 25-day month.

“Those who work at my shop for three years will be able to break out of the poverty cycle.

“Those working here for 10 years or more will be able to settle down in the city,” he said.

> Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang is celebrating her 22 years in the entertainment industry, China Press reported.

“Thanks for your company and support. Because of you, the 22 years of hard work has been worth it.

“I am moving into my 23rd year, and will continue to pay attention to my work and strike a work-life balance,” she said on her social media post accompanied by a picture of her showing the number two.

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