GEORGE TOWN: Of the many manifestations of love, freshly baked buns coupled with the joyful expressions of a rescued dog definitely make the list.

So, in a perfect match, a dog charity offers freshly baked hot cross buns in the run-up to Easter to be celebrated this Sunday.

Rescued By Love, based in Seberang Prai, was founded last year by Jady Ong who paused a successful career at a food-based multinational corporation in 2018.

“I decided to take a break to reset my career direction. But within a week, I brought two puppies home and that was pretty much when I started to struggle with seeing the condition of strays,” she said.

Ong started feeding stray dogs, rescuing them and getting them adopted.

However, the stray litter followed one after another, and she soon realised that getting stray dogs neutered and spayed was the only sustainable solution though veterinary bills were quite substantial.

“Friends and family who wanted to help urged me to accept donations but I was reluctant. Then, a friend suggested that since I bake for family and friends, why don’t I sell to raise funds?” she said.

After teaming up with Chury Chern, an ex-colleague from her corporate years, the duo launched a small online bakery with proceeds channelled to Rescued By Love.

“She bakes all the sourdough and I bake cakes, cookies and dog treats. Chury also makes the hot cross buns that come in two varieties – Raisins & Citrus Peel and Semi-Sweet Chocolate,” Ong said.

The idea to sell the buns actually came from a customer who had inquired if they were offering anything for the Easter season.

Pansy Fong, who received her two rolls of hot cross buns yesterday, said they were traditionally eaten by Christians on Good Friday.

“I feel blessed as Ong was kind enough to include herself in our Easter plans by baking even though she isn’t a Christian herself.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to get these buns from her during Holy Week,” said Fong, who has three dogs.

Rescued By Love is on Facebook.