KULAI: MCA members have been reminded to stay on their toes and not take their win in the Johor state election in March for granted.

Party president Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said it was fine to be happy that MCA won four state seats but the focus should be on the 15th General Election as every day counts.

“One day is too long in politics. Anything can happen in one day, not to mention that it has been months since the state election took place on March 12.

“There is a possibility of a change in the people’s perception and preferences.

“We cannot take for granted that the people will vote for us just because Barisan Nasional obtained a two-thirds majority in the state polls.

“It is good encouragement but the scenario will be different in the national polls,” he said at the state MCA convention here yesterday.

Dr Wee, who is also Johor MCA liaison committee chairman, said Barisan needed to win 21 parliamentary seats out of the state’s total of 26 in order to form the Federal Government.

Out of the 21, MCA would have to contribute by winning eight seats, he added.

Dr Wee earlier launched the state MCA Wanita and Youth wings’ convention where he urged them to step up their efforts in getting more young members, especially those aged 18 to 20.

“More programmes need to be held to get close to young voters on matters related to job opportunities, education and entrepreneurship.

“We should extend a hand to them and listen to them to understand their needs. This is among the reasons that MCA gave opportunities to youths to hold positions such as local councillors and village chiefs in Johor,” he added.