PENGERANG: Enacting the anti-party hopping law will be a step forward for Malaysia and its people before the 15th General Election (GE15), says Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said.

The Pengerang MP, who is a member of the Parliament Special Select Committee (PSSC) on anti-party hopping, said she saw the issue as something positive, especially under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s administration.

“In facing GE15, we must provide voters with a commitment that every one of their votes is very precious.

“We do not want them to vote for a candidate from one party only to see the candidate become a ‘frog’ and jump to another party which the people did not vote for,” she said after a Hari Raya open house for her constituents in Bandar Penawar here yesterday.

She added that during the PSSC meeting on Thursday, the government appeared to have agreed on several suggestions.

She said this included her suggestion of having a recall election when an MP jumps to a new party, adding that she would include it under her private member’s Bill at the next parliamentary meeting.

“This is why the government has been addressing the party hopping issue, so that people know that whoever they voted for, they will get that person.

“If that person jumps, than the elected representative must vacate his or her seat for it to be contested again.

“To me, this is a much fairer approach so the voters do not feel deceived,” she said, adding that she was confident the anti-party hopping law would be approved.