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Nearly a year ago, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on an iMac that will be equipped with the company’s new chip, the M3. The report also noted that it will be released at the end of this year at the earliest. Now though, the news outlet reports that the new hardware by the fruit company may be coming within the second half of this year after all.

According to the new Bloomberg report, the iMac equipped with the M3 chip is currently going through what is described as its engineering validation testing (EVT). In other words, it is in its home stretch on the testing curcuit. That being said though, the report notes that it is “not expected to go into mass production for at least three months”. But on the flip side, the earliest possible ship date of the new Apple desktop will be within the early days of the second half of the year, rather than the tail end.

apple imac
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One caveat worth mentioning that this point though is that the report notes that the upcoming iMac model is only being developed on the same timeline as the M3 chip. So while it makes sense that it would use the same chip that it is designed alongside, it’s no guarantee of that actually happening. It would definitely be good news for enthusiasts if it does happen, as it would be an opportunity to run hardware that comes with a chip that’s made on a 3nm process.

Keeping to the subject of the Apple M3 chips, the report also mentions that refreshed iPad Pro models coming with the chip will also be coming within the first half of next year. Which is pretty early for iPad launches, Pro models or otherwise, that generally get announced in the second half anyway.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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