airasia foodpanda food delivery e-hailing partnership superapp

AirAsia and Foodpanda have announced a surprising partnership between the two platforms. With the collaboration, AirAsia Ride is now promoted on Foodpanda’s app and in return, Foodpanda now powers the food delivery service on AirAsia’s superapp, meaning that regardless which app your order your food on, Foodpanda will be delivering it for both platforms.

The move will fully take place at the end of May, where the food section on the superapp will no longer offer food delivery but will encourage users to go to Foodpanda instead. That being said, you will still be able to make dine-in orders as well as use the queuing service in Bangkok.

airasia foodpanda food delivery e-hailing partnership superapp

As for the AirAsia Food riders, they will be shifted to the company’s other services such as Ride and Teleport, Capital A’s logistics arm. For food riders who are transitioning to becoming a Ride e-hailing driver but don’t own a car, Capital A CEO Tony Fernandes even claimed that the company will provide the cars for them.

On Foodpanda’s side, it seems that the collaboration is limited to AirAsia Ride only being promoted on its app. When you click on the AirAsia Ride banner, it will redirect you to the superapp for you to book your e-hailing ride instead of some in-app integration or any other significant change.

airasia foodpanda food delivery e-hailing partnership superapp

The two platforms are already sharing a rewards system, with AirAsia users earning a point for every RM2 spent on Foodpanda. Furthermore, Fernandes added that Capital A is considering on furthering the collaboration with things like integrating BigPay as a payment option on the food delivery app.

In conjunction with the launch of the partnership, both platforms are now offering promo codes. You can get RM8 off your Foodpanda order with the code AAFP8 while AirAsia Ride is giving away free rides capped at RM10 with the code FPAAFREE.

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