PETALING JAYA: Free public transportation rides will be given to those carrying the OKU card for a month.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong (pic) said all public transportation run by Prasarana would be free for those with disabilities for a month from Aug 31.

The free rides were launched as part of the National Day celebrations.

He said 23,527 bus and 26,762 rail users would be benefiting from the free rides.

“All with a registered OKU card by the Social Welfare Department are eligible for the free rides,” he said in a post on Facebook.

Many of those who attended the National Day celebration found themselves overwhelmed by the spectacular displays after two years of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Healthcare worker Geetha Lakshimy Tamilmaran said she loved the showcase of unity among Malaysians during the performances.

“Seeing so many people from the different cultures in Malaysia performing together on stage in unison was really inspiring.

“It really showed our country’s unity and resilience in the face of ongoing challenges,” said the 27-year-old.

Samantha Tan, 29, was glad to see Malaysians of different backgrounds coming together for the celebration.

“The unity among the people and participants was just overwhelming today.

“I hope we can maintain our muhibbah spirit,” said the social media executive.

For college student Nor Aszue Aqmal, his favourite part of the celebration was the aerial show by the country’s airforce as well as the military assets during the parade.

“The display reassures me that our independence will be well protected,” said the 18-year-old.

Uniform supplier Muhammad Jamil, 63, said the performances helped affirm his idea of what independence meant to him.

“I believe independence represents our freedom to do and achieve anything anywhere we want regardless of our circumstances,” he said, feeling incredibly proud during the march-past by the military contingents.

Nigerian national Ndy Usoh, 38, said he wanted to show his children the spirit of Malaysia by bringing them to the celebration.

“I used to come here (Dataran Merdeka) as a student with my wife.“Today I brought along my children because I want them to have the full experience as Malaysians,” said Usoh, who is married to a Malaysian and has been living here for 18 years.

Ambulance driver Muhammad Hazwan Khairul Anuar, 37, said he and his eldest son had been looking forward to the airshow.

“We’re excited for the military jets’ performance and the parade by the armed forces,” he said.

In another post, Dr Wee celebrated all who came and watched the National Day parade, adding that it was a showcase of Malaysian patriotism.

“Congratulations also to the people who came to Dataran Merdeka early this morning to celebrate National Day 2022 together as well as all Malaysians who watched the live broadcast,” said Dr Wee, who attended the celebration with his wife.