JOHOR BARU: The Malaysia Madini concept has been widely accepted, with many hoping that the government will live up to its promise of accountability and transparency.

“It is a good concept that can bring the country forward, especially when we are bogged down with all kinds of economic challenges.

“However, the more important thing is whether the concept will be translated into consistent action,” said restaurant owner Roland Lim, 70.

“I believe most people will not have any problem with the concept as all the elements there are good values,” he said.

Content moderator Muhammad Aizat Amir, 28, said he hoped the people could be more involved in government decisions now.

“I think the concept is good, especially as it is framed as something that will involve the people more and focus on transparency.

“Transparency is most important. We need to know what plans our leaders have for us and be allowed to air our opinions on decisions that will affect our lives,” he said.

Trader M. Veni, 39, said that while she liked the idea of the concept, it was too soon to say if it would be beneficial.

“We have seen previous governments introduce all kinds of concepts, but they were of little help. I think we will need to see if this Madani concept will be different.

“It sounds good on paper, especially as it prioritises the people,” she said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has said the main thrusts of the concept are accountability and transparency.

“We want to ensure that while the economy grows robustly, the people will not be forsaken and that the government is accountable in its service to the country,” he said.