Desktop gaming PCs. They come in all shapes and sizes, be it in the form of the conventional PC casing or some wacky, less-than-conventional design that was fabricated and then painstakingly built by the modder themselves. For one modder, he decided that he would build his custom gaming PC in the one facility he spends a lot of time on: his toilet. Yes, you read that right. A toilet.

YouTuber Basically Homeless essentially cut up, installed gaming-grade PC components into his toilet’s tank, and then sealed it up, all so that he could do “sweaty, try hard, FPS games” from his toilet. One thing we can say for sure is that the man, while the man is meticulous in his process, it’s clear he’s taking the concept of toilet humour to another level. That, and he’s (satirically) complaining about how he just doesn’t want to play games on a handheld console while making a deposit to the porcelain bank.

As with all gaming PCs, Basically Homeless first started by cutting out a big hole from the side of his porcelain throne, for the simple fact that he obviously wanted to view all of his components and ensure that they’re in working order. Even if said components were separated by a very, very, janky DIY partitioning of see-through glass. Adding on to his anxiety was his self-confessed negligence of not even testing for leaks, before installing the components into the tank.

However, after finding the leak and sealing it with copious amounts of waterproof sealant, Basically Homeless’ gaming PC was finally in working order. As for the parts he used, the system basically comprised an Intel Core i7-12700, an MSI Z690I Unify ITX motherboard, 64GB DDR5 RAM from Trident, and an ASUS GeForce RTX 3060. As for the gaming monitor, his sponsor basically gave him an MSI Optix display with a 240Hz refresh rate.

It goes without saying that Basically Homeless’ efforts are fun, but again, not the most conventional, as far as gaming PCs go. For that matter, his components were even being watercooled, although that clearly wouldn’t have been an ideal solution either, given that this was still a fully functioning toilet and, while he never showed it in the video, he would clear have to send his bodily refuse down the drain in time.

(Source: YouTube)

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