A netizen by the name of Keong Ng wants BNM to issue a statement that facilitates the understanding of Malaysians.

THE keyword “u-turn” key has been trending on Twitter and other major social media platforms throughout Thursday night over media statements issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Generally, netizens were disappointed with the announcement by the central bank which was deemed to be contradictory with the announcement posted on March 25, 2020.

On BNM's official Facebook account, netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction over the latest developments which include notification of revised repayment schedules and any changes to the payment amount, including the amount of interest or ordinary benefits accrued during the moratorium period.

For account holder Boon Heng, the release of this media statement was considered misleading to Malaysians.

Echoing Boon Hen’s sentiments, Keong Ng wants BNM to issue a statement that facilitates the understanding of Malaysians.

"Dudes. There is no free lunch in this world. Pay on time or pay more," he said through the comments section.

Hirmi Hanif, on the other hand, considered the postponement to be a false hope.

"People ask for postponement because their income is affected, where do they get money to pay lump sum?" Hirmi asked.

According to Twitter, almost 10,000 users used the keyword 'u-turn' in reaction to the media statement by BNM.

Some of them were of the opinion that this policy change has led many people confused and expressed dissatisfaction on social media.

Among others, some netizens cynically opined that 'Mak Cik Kiah tertipu' (Aunt Kiah was deceived) based on a title of a popular Malay song ‘Tipah Tertipu’.

In fact, on the Change.org site, an online petition created received almost 1,000 signatures in just 20 minutes.

"Please follow the Prime Minister's instructions" was one of the most shared comments in the petition.