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WhatsApp has started rolling out out a number of changes for its users, which will be available with a new update. These are emoji reactions, the ability to share larger files, and have bigger groups.

Starting with the first one, emoji reactions are about as straightforward as it gets. Rather than reply to a message with an emoji, you can pin that emoji straight to the message that made you feel any particular emotion. This feature has been available on Meta’s Facebook Messenger for awhile now, so it’s nice to see it finally make the transition to WhatsApp.

And it will be particularly useful to keep chats less cluttered when there are more people in it. As the blog post states, WhatsApp will be slowly rolling out the ability to have up to 512 people in a group. This is double the previous cap of 256.

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But going back to features coming immediately after the next update drops is the ability to share files up to 2GB in size. We’ve seen reports of this being tested since late March. Though the post does not make clear if this new file size limit is, well, limited to documents or if it will also apply to other forms of media.

At the time of writing, we don’t yet have access to the new update, and by extension, the new features. So don’t worry if you also don’t have it just yet.

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