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Late last year, WABetaInfo reported what WhatsApp was working on a feature called Communities. This would allow groups to have admins of group chats to group other groups together easily. The messaging app has since made an official announcement for the feature.

As the Facebook subsidiary puts it, WhatsApp Communities will “enable people to bring together separate groups under one umbrella”. The company says that with this feature, users can get updates sent to the entire Community, while still being able to organise smaller discussion groups. As an example, the company describes a school Community where a headmaster can share updates for all the parents, while groups will be for specific classes instead.

WhatsApp Communities other updates
Source: WhatsApp.

Also being added as part of the Communities update are improvements to the way groups work on WhatsApp. This includes the ability to react to messages with emojis to avoid flooding the chat with messages, and the ability for group admins to delete individual messages from everyone’s chats. There’s also the file sharing size limit increase to 2GB that was also tested before, as well as allowing up to 32 people to join a group voice call.

The comparison between the Communities feature and another messaging app, Discord, is pretty clear now with the official description of the feature. But as to when it will be available, WhatsApp says that these features are rolling out in the coming weeks.

(Source: WhatsApp)

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