Twitter Unmention feature testing test

Twitter is currently testing a new feature dubbed as “Unmention,” which is currently available to a limited number of users on its web version. As its name suggests, this addition would allow users to remove themselves from certain conversations in order to reduce unwanted notifications and mentions from friends, spammers, and others.

The process of unmentioning yourself is fairly straightforward. Simply tap on the “three dots” icon on the right side of a tweet that you’re tagged in, and select “Leave this conversation.” As pointed out by Twitter, leaving would not remove your username from them, but you will no longer receive any notifications from the thread. In addition, those still participating in the conversation are unable to re-mention you either.

Unwanted mentions are very common, especially from spam bots and the like. Unmentioning is also useful to avoid being pulled back to old or irrelevant conversations that you’ve previously taken part in, as well as removing yourself from tweets that involuntarily involves you. While it is far less desired than the edit function that’s finally coming after all these years, the addition of the Unmention feature is still welcomed nonetheless.

As mentioned earlier, the new feature is only available to a small number of web users for now. Twitter did not say when Unmention would be widely available, or if it will be introduced on the platform’s mobile app.

(Source: Twitter)

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