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Twitter has been rolling out feature after feature ever since it was bought by billionaire Elon Musk. The latest update for the platform attempts to make Twitter seem “much more alive” by adding a view count to every tweet.

The view count is placed quite prominently next to retweets and lets anyone on the platform see exactly how many impressions each tweet gets, but it seems that it is only accessible for tweets published from 16 December onwards. The feature has since been rolled out across iOS and Android, as well as the social network’s web platform.

What counts as a view is just when anyone comes across your tweet anywhere regardless of whether or not they follow you and even applies to tweets that are embedded into another website. In fact, Twitter says that even the creator of the website or an author of an article looking at the embeded tweet will count as a view.

twitter view count views
Sample of Twitter’s view count, for our tweet regarding Shopee’s story that we published yesterday.

Furthermore, viewing the same tweet on the web and then on your phone will count as two views but apparently, not all tweet types will display the view count. Certain types such as Community and Circle tweets won’t show how many views they got, along with older tweets. As for protected accounts, the view count will also be available for their tweets.

The social media giant has also improved its $Cashtag tool, letting you immediately see the latest data on stocks and cryptocurrencies. To search for one, you just need to search for the symbol of the stock with $ in front of it, such as $BTC.

Earlier this week, Twitter launched Blue for Business to distinguish businesses on its platform by giving them gold checkmarks and square profile pictures. It also started banning accounts from linking to rival social media sites, but quickly backtracked on it less than a day later.

(Source: Twitter.)

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