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You have probably seen breakdowns on the internet on the way a player needs to spend over US$100000 to fully gear a single character in Diablo Immortal. Now, a Twitch streamer from New Zealand has shown that the math is more or less accurate.

The streamer in question is Quin, or Quin69 as per his Twitch handle, has claimed on Twitter that he spent NZD25165.57 (~RM70088) to get a single 5/5-star gem. If you’re unfamiliar with the gear system in Diablo Immortal, these are the best gems that are then attached to your gear to further power up your character. And to fully gear your character, you’ll need six of these.

And the math more or less adds up. Taking that NZD25165.57 figure and multiplying it by six, we get to a total of NZD150993.42 which is just under USD96000. Sure, it’s lower than the initial USD100000 figure, but accounting for deviations and rounding, it’s close enough to fit.

Following the acquisition of said rare gem in Diablo Immortal Quin69 would then proceed to uninstall the game from his PC. But as if to make a stronger statement, he would reinstall the game, stuff the gem into a worthless piece of gear, delete his character, and then uninstall it once again.

On one hand, it can be argued that Quin did this to prove a point. Granted, it’s one that has already been made, but at least now we not only have estimates from datamined info, but one actual example in practice. But on the other hand, he has also given a large sum of his (and his viewers’) money to Blizzard.It remains to be seen if this will in turn encourage or discourage others to do the same. In related news, the game has just made US$24 million.

(Source: Quin / Twitter via GameRant, GameDev Reports)

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