TNG eWallet Visa Card

Touch ‘n Go is expected to provide an explanation regarding its newly introduced Visa card to the government soon. This was revealed by Domestic Trade and Cost of Living minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub via his official social media channels yesterday.

He noted he has received numerous complaints about the issue from the public, and has informed the ministry’s enforcement division to urgently conduct investigations. Salahuddin’s post also mentioned a meeting with Touch ‘n Go has been scheduled to happen earlier today to further clarify regarding its new Visa card. “I am always sensitive in receiving user complaints, and hope that the cooperation between KPDN and TnG can resolve these complaints immediately,” he said.

Just in case you missed it, Touch ‘n Go officially introduced its new eWallet Visa card on Wednesday, officially making it available to the public after a limited rollout to select customers a month prior. However, despite functioning as a debit card that links directly to the company’s eWallet app, it cannot be used to pay for public transportation, tolls, or parking. This particular drawback is the major cause of complaints amongst Touch ‘n Go users, who also questioned the reasons behind the introduction of the new Visa card.

According to TNG Digital CEO Alan Ni, the card’s inability to fulfil certain payments is due to technology limitations. He explained that the prototype version of the card actually came with both Touch ‘n Go NFC and Visa Wave chips, but these were unable to co-exist due to interference issues. This failure resulted in the company abandoning the plan to include both functionalities for the time being. 

TNG eWallet Visa Card Launch - Jan 2023

It’s also worth noting that Touch ‘n Go customers who are interested in the newly introduced card can only apply for it through the company’s eWallet app. According to its FAQ page, the application will cost a total of RM 10 (RM 5 for application and another RM 5 for delivery), while card holders are also charged with an annual fee of RM 8.

(Source: Salahuddin Ayub [Facebook])

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