Enhanced TNG Card Restock 25 Aug 22

Touch n’ Go today has released a new batch of Enhanced TNG NFC cards into the market. Available from 10:00 AM onwards, the card can be obtained via the TNG eWallet app.

Well, that is supposed to be the general gist of it. In reality, the TNG card purchase section within the app was overwhelmed by traffic right from the get-go.

Enhanced TNG Card Restock 25 Aug 22
The heavy traffic notice on the TNG eWallet app.

Immediately at 10:00 AM today, we immediately encountered the heavy traffic notice when we opened the TNG Card section inside the app. We tried again a few times intermittently and 14 minutes later, we were finally able to see the Order Now option but were welcomed by another heavy traffic notice once we tapped on it.

Later on, we were able to go through as far as the payment page. Some of our team members even managed to make their payment but received the unsuccessful payment error instead.

Several Lowyat.NET’s Instagram followers noted that they eventually managed to purchase the card by being persistent enough to try again and again. On the other hand, some also noted that they were able to go through by making their order just a few minutes before the official 10:00 AM release time.

Enhanced TNG Card Restock 25 Aug 22
Out of stock again.

Eventually, the dreaded out-of-stock notice popped up in the app slightly after 1:00 PM. As a comparison, it took less than two hours for the card to be sold out during the previous major restock day back in May although customers were allowed to buy two cards at that time as opposed to just one today.

If you are tired of the experience that you faced on the app today, what you can do is check out this list of petrol stations that are authorised to sell the card, find the one that is nearest to your location, and give them a call to check in-premise availability. Once confirmed, just head on straight to the station.

Enhanced TNG Card
The standard packaging for the Enhanced TNG card.

Meanwhile, Wiser has a rather interesting theory that TNG apparently releases the card into its e-wallet app every two weeks. If this theory is true, then the next restock day would be on 8 September instead and you may want to mark that in your calendar.

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