TNG eWallet Visa Card

Touch ‘n Go revealed its plan to come out with a Visa prepaid card way back in October 2021 but it is only today that the card is officially available to the public. However, the new TNG eWallet Visa card has already been made available to selected customers since last month and immediately, many already confirmed that the card can’t be used for public transportation, toll, and parking payments.

In the grand sense of things, it seemed like a missed opportunity for TNG to have an all-in-one card that would probably be an instant hit among consumers. Unfortunately, that is impossible due to the technology limitation according to Alan Ni, the CEO of TNG Digital.

The standard Enhanced TNG card: the first TNG card to feature NFC capability.

Allan revealed that the company have actually tried and he pointed out that the first version of the card that TNG Digital created during the development phase actually has both the TNG NFC as well Visa Wave chips. However, they found that the chips were not able to co-exist due to interference issues and TNG Digital was forced to abandon the plan for the time being.

The new TNG eWallet Visa card is now readily available for consumers exclusively through the fintech app. This particular version of the card was crafted to benefit United Voice who would receive a donation of RM2 for every card applied.

TNG eWallet Visa Card Launch - Jan 2023

Established in 2005 as an advocacy group that aimed to increase awareness of issues related to people with learning disabilities, United Voice has previously also worked together with TNG Digital to come out with a set of special edition Enhanced TNG cards.

At the moment, customers are not being charged for the application fee which usually costs RM5 and they only need to pay a delivery fee of RM5. That being said, due note that the card does come with an annual fee of RM8.

The TNG eWallet app is readily available for multiple platforms including Android, AppGallery, and iOS.

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