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TikTok is taking a page out of YouTube’s book and is reportedly testing a new “watch history” feature. The feature would finally allow users to search through videos that they’ve previously watched but didn’t get a chance to save.

It’s a common issue when you find a random video on TikTok that you enjoy, brought to you by its algorithm, and forget to like it. For YouTube users, this isn’t an issue as the platform has your entire watch history, but now it seems Twitter user Hammod Oh has uncovered the feature on TikTok itself.

Oh also found that the feature will only display your video history from the last seven days. This might be the same hidden feature that was revealed by TikTok user rachforaday, who found the watch history button by going to the Discover page, entering an asterisk in the search bar, and opening the search filters tab, which reveals your history from the past seven days.

Another workaround to find lost videos is to download your entire data from the app and access a zip file that contains your video browsing history. While watch history would axe the need for workarounds, TikTok has not confirmed whether or not the feature will be getting a wider rollout.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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