The Last of Us remake

Just last month, we got rumours of a remake for The Last of Us courtesy of GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb. Now, with the announcement during the Summer Game Fest, Naughty Dog has confirmed that it is actually happening, as well as a bonus with is pretty much in line with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s push into PC.

To start, the game now adopts the naming convention of the sequel, so the title is now officially The Last of Us Part I. As unnecessary as it is, it really is a remake, since it involves completely new assets, though this also ends up ageing Ellie and Joel a little. But in addition to new, cleaner assets, there will be hopefully gameplay improvements from the sequel.

The Last of Us remake comparison Ellie
Source: PlayStation.

Since this is a PlayStation exclusive, The Last of Us Part I remake is naturally going to be on the PS5. SIE pegs the release on 2 September. Prices are also already out, with RM299 being what you pay for the standard edition, and the Digital Deluxe edition coming in at RM339.

The Last of Us remake comparison Joel
Source: PlayStation.

But that’s not all, since the company also says that it is in development for PC. This is in line with its push to PC, with so many other exclusives, including Spider-Man, making the transition. But since this is still in development, it will probably be awhile before it actually happens.

While we’re on the subject, the series is also getting a standalone multiplayer game. Originally intended to be the multiplayer mode for the second game, it has supposedly grown a lot more in scope since it got cut.

The Last of Us Multiplayer concept art
Source: PlayStation.

All that being said, nothing much else has been revealed about this standalone multiplayer game for The Last of Us. In fact, all that’s out about this is a single piece of concept art. Naughty Dog says that more announcements will be made on this next year, so this is also something that’s still a long way away.

(Source: PlayStation)

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