System Shock remake

The System Shock remake by NIghtdive Studios was in quite the limbo. Ever since the previous gameplay teaser from July of 2021, the game’s release kept getting pushed back, from the end of that year to where we are now. This time, the developers at Nightdive Studios say that things are different.

In its latest Kickstarter update, the studio notes that “As some of you have already pointed out this is not our first time announcing a tentative launch window, but over the past few years much has changed”. The studio also says that now that it has publisher Prime Matter on board, it is able to focus on “the last major steps towards releasing a game we’re all incredibly proud of”. Included in the post is a screenshot of the System Shock Steam page, with a March 2023 release date.

System Shock remake gameplay
Source: Nightdive Studios.

Also included in the post are some images and clips on what sort of improvements have been included into the System Shock remake. Though overall, they don’t look too drastically different from what we saw from the seven-minute gameplay clip from 2021.

As a whole, the System Shock remake has gone through quite a wild ride, and not quite the exhilarating kind, since its inception in 2016. That’s not to say that that wild ride has ended, but hopefully, for backers and general fans alike, that is coming to an end soon.

System Shock remake gameplay puzzle
Source: Nightdive Studios.

For what it’s worth, for those who want to get a taste of what this System Shock remake has to offer, you can give the demo a try. This is available via the game’s Steam page, linked below. It looks like the previous offer of giving pre-orders free access to System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition when it gets released still stands. But as with all other pre-orders, it’s probably better to think twice, or more, before taking that plunge.

(Source: Kickstarter, Steam)

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