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As secretive as Valve is with its Steam sales, the dates of upcoming ones end up getting leaked to the gaming public from time to time. Sometimes, it’s via a note to publishers and devs, other times it’s simply via SteamDB. Though this time, through a more interesting channel, the dates of the upcoming Steam Summer Sale come via an unlisted YouTube video, according to PCGamesN.

The video in question was posted by the official Steam YouTube channel not too long ago. The report does not mention who was the one to discovered it, or if it was actually discovered and not secretly passed around. But since its discovery, it has yet to be taken down, at least at the time of writing. Which is probably an indication that it will stay up until the sale itself starts.

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Image: Steam / Valve.

In the description, Valve has provided a list of games that made an appearance in the video. This is not a full list of games that will be getting discounts during the Steam Summer Sale, but it’s a very long one nevertheless. In fact, said list has 32 titles listed, with some heavy hitters like Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter Rise, God of War, and even some newer titles like Ghostwire: Tokyo, Dying Light 2, and V Rising. Genre-wise, it’s certainly all encompassing, with both AAA and indies being listed.

Then there’s the usual Steam Sale gimmick, though this time it’s the crafting of trading cards and badges to customise your account profile to some degree. There’s even mention of “mystery badges”. But the video says more will be revealed when the sale starts.

As for when that is, the Steam Summer Sale starts on 1AM of 24 June of 2022, after timezone conversions. It will last the usual two weeks, meaning it will end on 8 July at the same time.

(Source: Steam / YouTube via PCGamesN)


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