Sony Malaysia PS5 faceplates

Last month, PlayStation Asia announced that it had new faceplates for the PS5, and that the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red colours will be coming first. More specifically, they will be coming today, 21 January 2022. Now, Sony Malaysia has made its own announcement to reflect this.

On its official Facebook Page, Sony Malaysia has said that the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 console covers are now available at Sony Stores and authorised retailers. The post also lists its own official store, as well as its stores on Lazada and Shopee.

Going to each of them indicates that the faceplates are priced at RM259. But a fair deal of them are also listed as being sold out, at least at the time of writing. On mobile, the Sony official online store lists both as being sold out, while the desktop site lists the Cosmic Red plates as still being available. On the desktop sites of both Lazada and Shopee, both list the two faceplate variants as being sold out. Even local games retailer HeavyArm currently lists them as being sold out.

Sony Malaysia PS5 faceplates

Sony Malaysia PS5 faceplates Lazada
PS5 faceplates HeavyArm

Considering these faceplates have just been made available today, the fact that they’re sold out on half the official listings is as frustrating as it is surprising. But maybe it shouldn’t be surprising at all, since the PS5 consoles themselves seem to go off at just as unbelievable a rate as its faceplates.

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