snapchat plus malaysia

Snap launched its Snapchat+ subscription service back in late June of 2022 after being leaked earlier that month and managed to gain over a million subscribers shortly after. Originally introduced in limited regions, Snap’s premium features are now available to Malaysian users although with a rather confusing rollout implementation

This is because you might see different prices depending on what device you’re using. iPhone users will see subscription options of RM1.90 per month or RM23.90 per year while those on Android will have to pay a slightly higher monthly price of RM2.49 or RM23.99 annually.

snapchat plus malaysia

In general, the yearly subscription on Android will actually save you money in the long run. On iOS though, you’d actually be paying more for the one-year subscription than if you were to get the monthly plan, which would run you RM22.80 for 12 months. We’re not sure whether this pricing scheme is an error on Snap’s part or if it’s just a puzzlingly deliberate decision but nevertheless, it makes the monthly subscription on iPhone the cheapest tier.

For the price, Snapchat Plus provides a tidy sum of exclusive features for heavy users of the app which cover both experimental and pre-release features. For example, subscribers get a slew of customisation tools that let you personalise app icons, themes, Bitmoji backgrounds, chat wallpapers, the capture button, notification sounds, and even the app’s borders.

snapchat plus malaysia

There is also Best Friends Forever, which lets you pin your BFF as your undisputed #1 person. If you and your friends really have no boundaries, you can share each other’s whereabouts within the last 24 hours with Ghost Trails and see where your position lies as a friend with others through Friend Solar Systems.

Gifting a Snapchat Plus subscription is also a feature exclusive to members of the service. It’s interesting how Snapchat Plus is incredibly cheap in Malaysia when compared to the prices in some western countries as it costs US$3.99 (~RM17.50) per month in the US and GBP3.99 (~RM21) per month in the UK.

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