Sime Darby Partners Wallbox EV Ecosystem Chargers Mecomb Malaysia

Spanish EV charging solutions provider Wallbox has inked a new partnership with Sime Darby Bhd in the interest of boosting the electric vehicle ecosystem development in Malaysia. On top of establishing the former’s AC (alternating current) charging solutions as one of the preferred choices for Sime Darby Motors, the collaboration also arranges for Wallbox products to be locally distributed by the latter’s subsidiary company, Mecomb Malaysia.

For those unfamiliar, Wallbox creates advanced EV charging and energy management systems, including the world’s first bidirectional charger for the residential segment, known as the Quasar. Outside of Spain, the company also operates in other European regions, as well as the US, Canada and Mexico.

Sime Darby Partners Wallbox EV Ecosystem Chargers Mecomb Malaysia
Wallbox Pulsar Plus (Image: Wallbox)

Meanwhile, its products include AC-based EV chargers of varying types and output capacity such as the aforementioned Quasar model, the Pulsar Plus, Copper SB, Commander 2, and Supernova. According to the official brochure hosted on Mecomb Malaysia’s website, Wallbox will locally sell the 7.4 kW and 22 kW configurations of the Pulsar Plus charger, as well as the 22 kW Commander 2.

Each purchase will entitle for a free home check to assess suitability for installation, which is expected to take half a day. Unfortunately, no pricing was provided in the brochure, though Mecomb notes that it will provide one year warranty for installation and two years for purchased chargers.

Sime Darby Partners Wallbox EV Ecosystem Chargers Mecomb Malaysia
Wallbox Commander 2 (Image: Wallbox)

In addition to bringing the charging solutions provider’s products to Malaysia, both companies also expressed an interest to further explore the development of EV ecosystems in the Asia-Pacific. However, Wallbox or Sime Darby did not elaborate regarding this proposed expansion or mention any potential locations at this time.

On a somewhat related note, last month saw a newly inked partnership between Huawei Malaysia and KVC Industrial Supplies, which will see the latter supply EV charging stations developed by the former across Malaysia. Unlike Wallbox, Huawei’s products are direct current (DC) based chargers that offer 20 kW to 30 kW output capacity and feature high-voltage fast charging. However, these are meant to be installed at EV charging facilities rather than residential.

(Source: Bernama / Mecomb Malaysia)

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