Samsung Unpacked 10 August 2022

Following an unusual puzzle teasing its upcoming Unpacked event, Samsung has since officially unveiled the exact date of the next event. And from the new teaser, it looks like this event will be starring the upcoming Galaxy Flip4.

On Twitter, Samsung shared a short clip of a foldable device being, well, unfolded partway. The device itself looks to be pretty narrow, which suggests that it’s a phone from the Galaxy Flip family rather than the Galaxy Fold. It is also made to be a surrogate for the “greater than” symbol (>), with additional text that, when put together, reads “10 August 2022 > Today”. It’s a pretty interesting way to both announce the date of the event, as well as make use of the starring device as a prop.

Samsung had an Unpacked event last year on 11 August for the launch of the Galaxy Flip3. So the timing of this event, and the device that is suggested to be launching, fits nicely. Not to mention the many leaks involving the device that has already happened. Renders of the device made their way online back in May, with the device itself showing up about a month later. In both instances, the upcoming new foldable device looks to be very similar to the one of the current generation.

In conjunction with the Samsung Unpacked date reveal, the company also has a somewhat odd offer for us in Malaysia. If you register your interest, you’ll “be entitled to redeem a RM200 e-voucher upon pre-order of the Next Galaxy”. It’s not a particularly huge discount, considering the Galaxy Flip3 launched with a price of RM3999. It also feels like quite the raw deal, considering for example the US, which gets a US$200 (~RM890) credit. On the plus side, since the company doesn’t specify if this e-voucher can only be used on phones or accessories, you can probably use it for whatever else the company is unveiling during the event.

(Source: Samsung Malaysia / Twitter)

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