The past couple of months saw quite a number of security breaches in the news. Another casualty to be added to the list is Samsung, according to news reports over the weekend. The company became a target of hackers at the end of July, and by early August, the company said that some US customer data had been compromised.

Some things like credit card numbers and social security numbers were not affected, the latter being especially important to people in the US since it’s effectively their national ID. But Samsung says other details like name, contact and demographic details, date of birth and product registration data were compromised. The company did not disclose the exact number of affected individuals.

Samsung Unpacked teaser
Source: Samsung / YouTube.

In a web page specifically to address the issue, Samsung says that it will be sending emails to those who got their details exposed to the hackers. But beyond that, there is no immediate action needed from said affected individuals. The page is structured like an FAQ page, but there isn’t much in terms of actual information regarding the security breach in question. You can hit the link below if you’re interested to see what’s there. but for the most part it would be for general interest’s sake since this looks to only affect the company’s US customers.

This would be the second time Samsung found itself a victim of security breaches within this year. Earlier in March, the company had the source code of its Galaxy devices accessed by black hat hacking group Lapsus$. It was also just one in a pretty substantial list of targets, including the likes of Microsoft, Nvidia, Okta and Ubisoft. That episode saw the hacker group take off with nearly 1TB of confidential data. As ZDNET reports though, customer data was not affected in that incident, at least on Samsung’s part.

(Source: Samsung via ZDNET)

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