We already know that Returnal, one of the first PS5 exclusives, is coming to PC. Being first released back in April 2021, it’s one of the quickest to make the jump, with the other exclusives taking between three and four years. Following the announcement during The Game Awards 2022, the game was listed on Steam, but without a release date yet. There is one now, following the official announcement on the PlayStation Blog.

Also in the announcement via the official blog post are the recommended PC system specs required to run the game, with a slight change that should be good news. For context, when the game was listed on Steam originally last month, the listing stated that the recommended amount of RAM you need to play Returnal was 32GB. This has now been brought down to 16GB, assuming your ideal experience is having the game run at 1080p and 60fps. Though if you want the full 4K experience, you’ll still need 32GB of RAM, to say nothing about if you want ray tracing as well.

Returnal PC system specs
Source: PlayStation.

Whatever your resolution of choice is for Returnal on PC though, it looks like you’ll need to have the game running on an SSD either way. Which makes sense, being a PS5 exclusive, and the fact that it’s a roguelite. The faster loading times were not only a major feature on the console the game came from, it would probably also save you from a lot of frustration.

As for its release date, the PlayStation Blog states that Returnal will be making its PC debut on 15 February. Steam has been kind enough to provide everyone with a time zone-adjusted date of 16 February instead. The price is listed at RM249, which is RM50 lower than its console counterpart. If you link your Steam account with your PlayStation account, you’ll also get two additional cosmetics.

(Source: PlayStation, Steam)

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