Resident Evil Village third person mode

Resident Evil Village followed the formula of the preceding game, making players experience Ethan Winters’ adventure in first person. But with Resident Evil 4 still regarded by some as the best entry in the series, some may have wanted to experience the latest title in a similar third-person perspective. With a new DLC coming later this year, this will actually be possible.

Announced during the Capcom Showcase, the third-person mode DLC is one of three that’s coming. The third-person mode will, in a sense, let you play Resident Evil Village in a similar fashion as the recent Resident Evil 2 remake. It will also be an opportunity for players to get a proper look at Ethan’s face. Though that could be a little more complicated than it sounds, since as you’d expect he will try as best as he can to look in the direction the camera is pointing at.

Resident Evil Village Shadow of Rose
Source: Capcom / Youtube.

One of the other two DLC coming for Resident Evil Village is Shadows of Rose. This takes place after the events of the main game, and tells the story of a now adult Rose, Ethan’s daughter, struggling with the power she was born with.

Resident Evil Village Merceneries Lday Dimitrescu
Source: Capcom / Youtube.

And finally, the last DLC is The Mercenaries: Additional Orders mode. If you’re familiar with the Mercenaries mode of previous games, then you’ll know what this entails. But to spell it out, you’ll be able to play in a more arcade-y mode with other characters from the game. This includes Chris redfield, Karl Heisenberg, as well as Lady Dimitrescu. That last one is probably something that fans have been asking for since when Resident Evil Village was new.

If you’ve never picked up the game before, then there’s also a Resident Evil Village Gold Edition that comes packed with all three DLCs mentioned above. All of these will be available starting 28 October. Perfect timing for those who have a tradition of playing such games for Halloween.

(Source: Capcom / YouTube)

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