GameFlavor Resident Evil drinks

Capcom has made some pretty outrageous merch to celebrate its games. When the Resident Evil 2 remake was new, the publisher gave the Qwerkywriter S its own Umbrella Corp paint job. Not long after, when Devil May Cry 5 was the hottest new thing, the company gave the game an Ultra Limited Edition, which comes with an extra expensive leather trench coat replica. Both of these were exclusive to its home market of Japan, but now Capcom has something to celebrate the Resident Evil franchise that reaches a little further out.

These come in the form of canned flavoured drinks that are made to look like the first aid spray cans from the zombie survival horror franchise. Made in collaboration with GameFlavor, the whole package includes a collectible box with 10 330ml cans. These are made to look somewhat like the first aid sprays from the Resident Evil games, with the added description of the drink’s flavour, which is apparently cucumber lime mint. There’s even a spray cap to put onto one of the cans.

GameFlavor Resident Evil drinks
Source: GameFlavor.

Beyond the 10 cans, and the spray cap, there’s also four ink ribbons that contain four herbs inspired from the games, as well as four recipe cards for Resident Evil-based mocktails. There’s also a certificate of authenticity and an artbook for those who are into those kinds of things.

On the GameFlavor page for the Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s box, it says that this is done to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. The timing is obviously a bit off, since the first game was released in 1996. The set also has an asking price of EUR199 (~RM936), but there are only 4750 sets available, and will only be shipped in Q3 of this year. In the official tweet, the company says that this will only be shipped to countries within the EMEA region, but its own shipping policy page lists “Other international deliveries” with a price of EUR39 (~RM183).

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