PlayStation 5 PS5 Grey Camouflage collection

For those who didn’t like the plain white default colour scheme of the PS5, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released colour variants of the console faceplates, the DualSense controller and Pulse 3D headset. There are a total of five additional colours now for the faceplate and controllers, but only two for the headset. All three are getting one new entry, as part of what the company calls the Grey Camouflage Collection.

As spelled out by the name, the lineup consists of the grey camo colourway for all three products. SIE says that “the iconic PlayStation Shapes have been subtly incorporated into the pattern”. It’s not too hard to spot the shapes though. They may be tiny, but they are otherwise pretty obviously stuffed into the bits with the lightest shade of grey of the camouflage pattern. The DualSense controllers will presumably retain the PlayStation Shapes textures on the bottom side still.

PS5 grey camo faceplate
Source: PlayStation.

Beyond that, there’s nothing much else to say about this new colour variation. It will probably appeal to the tacticool crowd, as camo patterns usually do. It would also probably be the one you pick up if you don’t quite prefer a single flat colour on your PS5 or any of its accessories.

DualSense crey camo
Source: PlayStation.

Internationally, SIE says that pre-orders for the PS5 faceplate and DualSense controller belonging to this new Grey Camouflage Collection will be available for pre-order starting 15 September, with availability only starting on 14 October. That being said, those dates only apply to markets that have access to the site, and for those markets these will only be on shelves starting 28 October.

Pulse 3D grey camo
Source: PlayStation.

As for the Pulse 3D wireless headset, this will come much later, that is sometime in December. No prices on the PlayStation Blog post, so these will presumably be of the same price as the other colour variants that are already available.

Locally, we haven’t gotten word on pricing and availability details from PlayStation Asia. But more than likely these will come slightly after the international market. As an aside, it’s probably still way too soon for the DualSense Edge to be getting any colour variation, never mind this grey camo one specifically.

(Source: PlayStation)

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