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As Sony Interactive Entertainment previously announced, it is rolling out the new Extra and Deluxe tiers of the PlayStation Plus subscription service. You can now sign up for them via the PlayStation Store, or upgrade from the existing Essential tier.

To recap, the PlayStation Plus Essential tier is the service as you know and love. This gets you access to online multiplayer and cloud saves, as well as a number of free games monthly. If you already have a PlayStation Plus subscription prior to the announcement of the new tiers, this is what it will be translated to. Prices for the subscription are unchanged too, at RM29 a month, RM69 for three, and RM159 for a whole year. You can upgrade your subscription to any of the higher tiers by paying a pro-rated fee.

PlayStation Plus tiers
Source: PlayStation.

As for the Extra tier, this is where most of the new benefits of the new PlayStation Plus subscription service lies. In addition to everything from the Essential tier, you also get access to an extensive catalogue of games of the PS4 and PS5 generations. Subscription prices are RM44 a month, RM114 for three months and RM269 for a year.

To get the most of what the new PlayStation Plus subscription service has to offer, there’s the Deluxe tier. With this, you also get access to classic PS1 and PSP games, some of which are remasters of the original. In addition to those, you’ll also get access to limited-time trials for certain games, to help you decide if you want to buy them outright. But for this level of access, you’ll have to pay a price of RM50 a month, RM130 for three and RM309 for a year.

PlayStation Plus subscription access game list
Source: PlayStation.

Unfortunately, we’re still not getting access to the Premium tier of the PlayStation Plus subscription service. Which, in other words, mean no access to game streaming, and no access to PS3 games, which are only available via streaming anyway.

(Source: PlayStation)

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