Gentari EV Charger

Petronas last month unveiled a new subsidiary called Gentari which was built upon the foundation crafted by the company’s Gas & New Energy division. Among its main targets is to become a leading player in the electric vehicle ecosystem and looks like Gentari has already hit the ground running.

Several Gentari-branded EV chargers begin to pop up on the Setel app which as you may already know, is made by the fintech arm of Petronas. In total, there are four of them at the moment:

  • Petronas R&R Kundang Timur (Towards Kuala Selangor) @ LATAR: CCS2 / CHAdeMO DC 12.5kW
  • Petronas R&R Kundang Barat (Towards Kuala Lumpur) @ LATAR: CCS2 / CHAdeMO DC 15.5kW
  • Petronas Jalan Rasah, Pekan Mambau, Seremban: CCS2 / CHAdeMO DC 17kW
  • Kompleks Canselor, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Teronoh: 2 x Type 2 AC 22kW

In terms of charging fees, the chargers at UTP and Petronas Jalan Rasah are currently available for free. However, we couldn’t find the fee info for both Petronas stations at LATAR but we would not be surprised if they can be used for free as well.

Gentari EV Charger Setel
We also noticed that Setel provided Gentari EV chargers with its own logo. Here is a side-by-side comparison.

On a related note, we also noticed that there is also another new charging location that has been added by Setel in the form of TJM Cars in Kuantan. Claimed to be the first charging station in the east coast region of Peninsular Malaysia according to a picture on its PlugShare listing, this particular charger is not related to Gentari though.

Instead, it is part of the EV charging network operated by the Malaysian Association of Malay Vehicle Importers and Traders (PEKEMA). Available for free, it is able to deliver up to 60kW for CC2 connector while vehicles with CHAdeMO connector can obtain up to 50kW and the charger can also provide up to 22kW for Type 2 AC charging.

Gentari EV Chargers JomCharge
JomCharge users can also search for Gentari chargers inside the app.

Aside from Setel, all of the chargers we have mentioned above can also be operated using the JomCharge app. This does not come as a surprise as JomCharge operator, EV Connection is the launch partner of Setel’s EV Charging feature and the previous eight charging locations supported by the app was also on the network.

Altogether, Setel’s EV Charging feature now supports 13 locations in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, and Johor. We also expect Petronas x Mercedes EQ’s Energise chargers which were revealed during the launch of Mercedes EQA back in March will be added to the list very soon too, given how they are also part of the JomCharge network.

Gentari EV Charger UTP Tesla Model 3
A Tesla Model 3 is being charged at Gentari chargers in UTP Tronoh, Perak. [Image: PlugShare.]

When it was officially announced to the world last month, Gentari noted that it aims to capture 10% of the market share within the Asia Pacific by 2030 which is equivalent to around 25,000 charging points. In the same time period, the company is also looking to build renewable energy capacity of between 30GW to 40GW and supply up to 1.2mtpa of hydrogen.

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